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It’s the dating app version of jumping the line at the club

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It’s the dating app version of jumping the line at the club

The search function operates with your standard filter options-age, intent, ethnicity, and body type-plus the ability to search by the length of your potential match’s longest relationship. («You haven’t spent more than eight years with someone? Then you’re not for me!») You can also sort by income if you’re looking for a sugar daddy or mommy. There’s a Nearby function for when you just need to chat with someone within 0.5 miles and a More Prospects field at the bottom of most screens to keep you «fishing» longer. Unfortunately, even if you aren’t being terribly picky, your search might still net a No Results Found response or your search will be broadened for you.

If your search nets someone you would like to reach out to, the process is quick and painless. Profiles show the person’s photo, age, and screen name at the top-plus whether they’re currently online. To help you start the conversation, the screen also shows a list of things the user enjoys. POF prompts you to mention something specific about their profile, likely in an effort to keep the «lol u up jk» messages to a minimum. Читать далее »