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It’s a little much more popular for girls than simply men, probably as a consequence of singer Stevie Nicks

Stuart Origin: English | Gender: Child | Style: Antique | Pronunciation: Stu-ways Meaning: Whether it is spelt Stewart otherwise Stuart, which label, just after common regarding the ‘seventies and you can ‘eighties is practically extinct! They originated given that a beneficial surname – meaning home shield – and gotten so you’re able to somebody who offered because the good steward when you look at the good manor otherwise regal home.

Tarquin Origin: Latin | Gender: Kid | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Tar-kwin Meaning: With no boys in the united kingdom with all this label to the history ten years, it’s clear so it expensive name’s shedding favour with mothers due to the fact they glides deep toward unpopular infant brands record. To begin with good Roman clan label, it indicates of Tarquinia.

Terrence Origin: Latin | Gender: Child | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Ter-uhns Definition: Terence is actually a beneficial Roman playwright, while the title arises from the Roman family unit members identity Terentius, definition simple.

Tim Resource: Greek | Gender: Child | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Tim Meaning: Timothy continues to have an added with regards to antique labels however, derivatives such as for instance Tim and you may Timmy is falling out in clumps out of favour. Читать далее »