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Remember that if the a source file isn’t part marked, this may be cannot be utilized in an excellent derivatively categorized document

Standards to have Papers

Part Markings: Have to be noted on large amount of information consisted of from the the end of the topic/name and start each and every part, chart, dining table, visualize, an such like.

Overall/Flag Group Marking: That is determined by the highest number of category of every one to part of the file and ought to be put within top and you may bottom of the page. If there’s one or more page, all round establishing have to be into side shelter, title-page, front page, and outside the straight back coverage/page.

i. «Classified From the» range is to hold the classifiers identity and you may label or private identifier and you can department from supply. ii. «Cause for» need to be of EO 13526, Point step 1.4. iii. «Declassify Into the» line toward time from downgrade, just like the applicable, and you can declassification.

Derivatively Classified Records: To own guidance derivatively categorized considering multiple present, the derivative classifier offers send this new go out otherwise experience to own declassification that corresponds to the newest longest period of group one of many provide; the amount of class shows the highest number of category regarding the brand new servings of one’s origin file used.

Section Marks: Should be noted in the high level of advice present in the subject/title each part, graph, desk, visualize, etc.

Overall/Banner Category Marking. This really is influenced by the highest level of category of every one portion of the document and ought to be put at the greatest and base of page. Читать далее »