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Bondage-Punishment, Dominance-Submission and you will Bdsm (BDSM) Out of an Integrative Biopsychosocial Perspective: A scientific Remark

Sado maso (bondage and you can discipline, popularity and distribution, and you will sadism and you can masochism) increasingly obtains desire regarding scientific people. In which earlier search work primarily focused on epidemiologic services, psychological and you can biologic situations driving Sadomasochism needs provides has just gained attention as well.


In line with the PRISMA recommendations, the present day systematic opinion combines all of the present literature on Bdsm out-of good biopsychosocial perspective.

Chief Lead Measure

Frequency cost off Sado maso hobbies was indeed investigated from the books, together with relationships anywhere between Sadomasochism appeal similarly and you may character traits, adverse childhood feel, education membership, sexual orientations and you can physical markers on the other side.


Biologic situations instance sex identity, gender hormones profile, additionally the neurological structure of one’s brain’s aches and you will award solutions dictate Sado maso orientation. Читать далее »