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Just what performed we differ on in those days?

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Just what performed we differ on in those days?

On the other hand, did we not, into the 1850, unify so you can men and only that system regarding Sacrifice strategies hence Mr

You realize one to ahead of 1854 the united states are put into two high governmental parties, you to definitely the newest Whig, one other brand new Popular. We, because the an effective Democrat getting 2 decades ahead of that time, ended up being publicly conversations in this County while the a supporter out of Democratic principles, and i is also desire confidently every single old line Whig in the hearing out of my sound so you can bear testimony you to definitely throughout all that period I fought your Whigs such one for the every question you to definitely broke up both functions. I had the highest admiration to have Henry Clay since a good gallant party commander, since an enthusiastic eminent statesman, so when among the many brilliant ornaments regarding the nation; however, We conscientiously thought that the newest Democratic people are right on the questions which separated the fresh Democrats from the Whigs. The person doesn’t alive who can say that I actually ever personally assailed Henry Clay otherwise Daniel Webster, or any one of the leaders of this great people, while the We combated with all my personal opportunity the new tips they advocated. Did Whigs and you may Democrats differ about it thraldom matter? Clay lead, Webster defended, Cass offered, and you can Fillmore accepted and made what the law states of one’s homes by their trademark. As we agreed upon men and women Sacrifice steps, i differed throughout the a bank, brand new tariff, shipments, the fresh specie circular, the new sandwich-treasury, or other issues of this malfunction. Читать далее »