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The newest rules and prohibits guys out-of divorcing the spouses instead quickly telling them (talaq ghiyabi)

Law No. 1 (2000) into Reorganization away from Certain Conditions and functions regarding Lawsuits from inside the Individual Updates Number are know as the newest khula law (qanun este-khula), as this are seen as the essential groundbreaking provision of the law. What the law states along with sets a financing to provide man help to possess impoverished parents, authorizes the us government so you’re able to garnish the income from fathers who renege into alimony and you can kid assistance, and you will facilitates split up and solution away from paternity states in the all the more common urfi (unregistered) marriages.

Diane Singerman, ?Rewriting Divorce or separation when you look at the Egypt: Reclaiming Islam, Judge Activism, and you can Coalition Politics,? p. step three. This post is imminent during the Civic Pluralist Islam: Applicants and Policies to possess an altering Muslim Industry (copy towards the document that have People Liberties View). Читать далее »