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This lady ways actually takes the air out, because it’s commonly overexcited, because if interwoven with laughs you to gets suffocation

Keyboards electric guitar, that can easily be Paola Pivi’s most Boetti-for example part; is an additional affair from so much, that have thousands away from stuff shown in identical pairs; a couple of by one or two, particularly a Noah’s Ark off state-of-the-art capitalism: autos, tractors, lamps, attire, tables, umbrellas, balls, camping tents, luggage, lighters, and you may limitless litany of products, from the tiniest for the largest, advertising infinitum. Since the Biblical myth, Electric guitar keyboards lends itself so you’re able to a double interpretation: it may be seen as a narrative out of salvation, but it is first a story out of discipline, of divine vengeance — the story off a keen apocalypse.

Concurrently, the merchandise piled up for the Electric guitar keyboards, sexy regardless if they can be, provides things oppressive about them, like the smell like freshly open playthings: such as for example an odour out-of newness gets unpleasant and you may almost hard to breathe

This precarious harmony anywhere between excitement and depression, amongst the the new and also the fatal is another repeating aspect in Paola Pivi’s functions. And her really works that often include such good surfeit out-of things and you can presences one audience is almost possess a hard time wanting a devote it on their own. Status in front of the fountains inside It is a cocktail party, such, it isn’t just new music and you can splashes off liquids one delight and yet frighten the newest reader; the is additionally a strange aroma, an odor that immediately becomes addicting – the greatest blend of the bouquet from dark wine and the phony mellowness of glycerine.

And some out-of the girl very hard systems is appealing a lot of of individuals in the future along with her and you will makes as much sounds once the you’ll, otherwise sort of love merry-go-round, where several guys free lesbian hookup are woven along with her during the a perfect circle to offer both satisfaction

Paola Pivi’s performs motions toward fevered beat regarding a festival team. Читать далее »