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There is nothing new about the over sexing of women in games

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There is nothing new about the over sexing of women in games

Not because I was at all amused with what I was seeing, but I found that the picture of a half-naked scene chick using two Game Boy Colors as nipple pasties with the caption «a look at the changes in video game culture» reflected more truly to culture than the article that accompanied it.

Of course, I agree that the video game industry is one that only Hollywood can match, bringing entertainment to a level of interactivity that was thought to be impossible 30 years ago. I also think that the representation of women in game and the treatment of women by the industry haven’t really changed at all.

Video games in America, for is sexsearch a scam the most part, are made for the white male palate. Anyone who finds the images and messages of games unsavory are ignored or belittled. I have been a gamer for two decades and I’ve seen no real changes in the overall mentality of the industry.

From the dawn of gaming, the roles of women have been pretty weak. One of the first female protagonists was a hooker, turning tricks in all her eight-bit glory. So I’m not shocked that 20 years later BloodRayne is topless in «Playboy,» «The Guy Game» is rewarding you with «Girls Gone Wild»-esque clips and banging a hooker in the back of a stolen car give you health in «Grand Theft Auto 3». Читать далее »